Rabu, 3 April 2013


     Today we were visited by some students from CareerSense @ HELP, and the Centre for Psychological Counselling Services (CPCS) We interviewed them about the new game that they created to attract more interest in students in learning biology subject. Jason was one of those who handle the game. He also a leader of this project . They are in their third years in university . And this is their first project . This project has started on January . This game resembles a game of monopoly. Students can play while learning through this game. It also help student to more understand in biology . They said , they want to diversity in education . So that , student will not boring to study . 
      Some of  the ways to play this game is student have to answer a few question to collect some point . 
This are a picture of students from our school who try this game :)
They seem excited to try this game :)

We'll update more picture and video soon ! :)

#Smkreatifmedialab =)